About Us

We provide expert surgical care for children with a variety of conditions.

We, the Pediatric surgeons at the University of Tokyo Hospital, perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including abdominal and thoracic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, oncologic surgery, trauma surgery, trachea/NECK surgery, and urological surgery. Children receive coordinated care tailored to their condition both before and after surgery. We work closely with other pediatric specialities, including anesthesiology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric oncology, pediatric nephrology, neonatology, nursing, emergency medicine, and various surgical and medical subspecialties to provide integrated care for your child. We are also happy to provide a second opinion consult for your child.

We also have multidisciplinary programs for the following complex diseases.

We provide coordinated care to patients and families following surgery for complex diseases.
- Biliary Atresia
- Spinal bifida/Myelomeningocele
- Oncology

We believe in the importance of science to improve outcome.

The University of Tokyo Hospital, is one of the national academic hospitals in Japan. We are dedicated to performing medical research to keep future medicine advancing. We may request that your child participate in a research study. It is completely up to you if your child participates or not.

We believe in the importance of education for creating a new generation of professionals.

As a national academic hospital, the University of Tokyo Hospital is dedicated to training our young doctors. We respect their new perspectives. Our team consists of three staff members, three fellows, and a number of residents, all who work as a team. Our team’s primary goal is to provide the best service for you and your child, and to ensure that your child has a convenient and comfortable experience.