We understand that a child's operation is a stressful experience for the entire family. Our staff are experts in caring for children and their families. Our team, including pediatric surgeons, nurses, and everyone who helps care for your child, will do everything possible to make your child’s experience safe, convenient, and comfortable.

Please prepare the following for surgery:

  • Pajamas which open in front
  • Your child’s favorite stuffed animals or blanket
  • A balloon or toy to blow into for respiratory rehab

Please DO NOT have your child immunized within one month prior to surgery.

The day before your child’s surgery

Our team will come to you for informed consent of surgery. We will give you as many details as possible about the surgery. Also, our anestheologists will come to you for informed consent of anesthesia, at which time they will give you details about anesthesia.

Your child will usually receive an IV line and a blood test that day. To ensure safe surgery, your child will need to abstain from eating or drinking prior to surgery. Specific instructions will be provided by the anestheologist.

We request that your child take a shower prior to surgery to prevent surgical infection. (Please wash the belly button if your child will be undergoing a laparoscopic procedure.)

We believe that knowing what to expect the day of your child’s surgery can help everyone in your family deal with any anxiety. Therefore, we are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns. Please DO NOT hesitate to ask us.

The day of surgery

Our team will escort you and your child to the operating room. We encourage you to bring one of your child’s favorite things to make him or her more comfortable.

After surgery

Recovering from surgery can be difficult for your child. Help prepare your child so he/she can better cope with his/her discomfort.
After surgery, you will be escorted by a nurse to the operating room to pick up your child.
Our team will explain the details of the surgery.
Your child will be taken back to his or her room with you.
Instructions about foods, medication, and IV fluid will be given after surgery by our team.
Your child is encouraged to increase movement and activities of daily living after surgery.
We will give pain medicine regularly, but your child can receive additional pain medication if necessary. Do not hesitate to ask us.